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Hi every body. I would like to say thank you very much in advance for reading this tutorial and sorry for my bad English. This is first part of my tutorial series on how to set up reference image in catia v5 Then you can take reference easily inside Catia environment. I have divided this tutorial in to three phases. So let us start the first phase.

Phase 1. Finding Reference image:

First of all we need a orthographic image. There are few sites from where you can download the orthographic images in free. Some links I have given bellow
The image should contain four orthographic views (top view, front view, rare view and side view).The more input you will get the more accurate 3d model you can make. After spending a lot of time in searching reference images finally I decided that I will start the model of my favorite BMW-concept x6.
We also need some reference isometric images because these needs for exact visualization and Which will gives us more clear ideas.  you can download these images from www.netcarshow.com/.  

Phase 2.Photoshop Editing:

Click here for Photoshop Editing (Video version)

And we need Adobe Photoshop. I am using Photoshop cs2. No problem if you are using Photoshop for first time. I will teach you step by step process.

Step1- Open photoshop . First open the downloaded referance image in Photoshop. If till now you have not you can download it .





After repeating the above steps for all views we will get the result bellow. You can move the guide lines with the help of dd this tool.



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