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Step 4:

By default it will be in set cylindrical view mode. No need to change this.


Now I have already set up my top view.

Step 5 :

I think I have done some mistake. See the orientation .The front of the car is not to along the X axis.


I have to find a solution for this. If I will change the orientation in the top ”view.jpeg” file  then what will be the result let us check. There is an option in window XP. To change the orientation of the image.



catia It will change the orientation at that moment. No need to do any stupid like save. So let us check in catia. But here we will get a message Read the message carefully.

catia .So I  should go for another option. But still  if you would like to stick in this option then there will not be any problem.


Open the file in Photoshop.


And then save the file and exit



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