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I am so glad to inform you that The most advance surface modeling techniques has been captured. Car modeling tutorial has been finished. Now you can learn The most Advance surfacemodeling techniques in Catia V5 .After this training program you will be master in Catia surface modeling techniques so that you can accept any challenge in product design and development.



So far I have finished this tutorial. I explore something interesting. This module Imagine And Shape is really awesome. We can get get any Aesthetic Shape In less consumption of time and lesser effort. Better quality surface. So handy to Design any shape.


If you wish to design a car in Catia v5 then I have a good news for you. After reading This tutorial you will find that designing a car was never been easier before.

You are about to learn some effective techniques used by the experts of Catia v5 Before start a new Digital Model of a Car. Set reference images So that you can take reference easily within Catia v5 environment.

There are some unique feature in Catia v5 for setting reference like Catia V5 Sketch Tracer tool. It allows us to take reference from multiple views. Another powerful approach to setup the reference image in Catia v5 is apply material command to a bounding box. And it is working. I am going to share with you both the Ideas and approaches to set the reference image.

There are several reasons why I believe that Catia v5 is very effective tool for designing a car. We can find a lot of tricks and techniques in Catia to get a high quality class A surface. No need to spend most of our time and energy to get any advanced shapes .The integration of  Generative Shape Design and free style  gives us a lot of  options for design a complex shapes .There are a lot of freedom for creating and editing 3d curves. In addition to the fact that I have been in Catia sense last five years serving for leading aerospace and automotive companies. I never got any thing impossible in Catia v5. And alsoI have been involves parally with other CAD and multimedia tools like Auto Desk Maya & 3ds Max

aI have started this model by tacking reference from a blue print of Audi A3. you can get a lot of blue prints from here . It is a free site. And have used Maya for rendering. I have spend a lot of time in learning Maya from tutorial sites. I have also written a tutorial on Maya.

engine mechanism If you wants to learn some basic animation technique in maya then this tutorial will help you.

In this tutorial I am going to discus the simplest way to accomplish the reciprocating engine mechanism in maya with using simple expressions and constrains.Click here to watch this movie. I have a good collections of Maya tutorial sites. you can find them from my link page. If you have interest in Maya you can learn it by yourself from tutorial sites.

Migrating the model from Catia to Maya is very top . Yes  Okino Computer Graphics is a leading provider of high quality and industry respected 3D data translation and photo-realistic rendering software. PolyTrans-for-Maya and PolyTrans-for-MAX  are one of the very useful products of Okino Computer Graphics.This plugin for maya will help you to import not only cat part files but also All Major 3D CAD formats. like Lightwave, Softimage-XSI, IGES, SAT, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA v4, CATIA 5, DirectX, DXF/DWG files, JT Open, Parasolid, Pro/Engineer, Renderman RIB, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, STEP, and many, many Others  inside Maya.

Eventually we will get a very high quality light polygonal model with very high resolution. Mapping and Shaders can apply easily  which you can use directly for film and gaming industry. You can download this 3d car model. I kept it in both IGAS and maya mb. format. You can use it for your project. But don't shall it. because I have spend my lot of valuable time for this model and tutorial. If anything you would like to share with me about the experiences with these models and tutorials you can E-mail me or you can give me your feedback.




Learn to design CAR in catia v5 GSD.



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